THE HAPPY LIFE Two-Disc DVD S.E. Announced for Aug. 2013

5 Points Pictures is excited to announce THE HAPPY LIFE will debut on R1 DVD, as two-disc special-edition release, on August 20, 2013. JUNG Jin-young (The King and the Clown, Once Upon a Time in a Battlefield), KIM Yun-seok (The Thieves, Punch), KIM Sang-ho (Moss, City Hunter TV), and actor-singer JANG Keun-suk (You’re Beautiful TV, Hong Gil-Dong TV) take the stage as the band "Active Volcano" in this music- and comedy-tinged drama from acclaimed director LEE Joon-ik (Blades of Blood, The King and the Clown).

Our release will feature an upgraded English translation of the film, plus more than an hour of translated and subtitled video extras from the out-of-print South Korean limited-edition release.

For all the details about The Happy Life check out the film page, where you can find the press release, packaging and screen shots!