The Happy Life


  • Original Title: 즐거운 인생, / Jeulgu woon Insaeng
  • DVD (Region 1, Two-Disc Special Edition)
  • Street Date: 8/20/2013
  • Feature Runtime: 112 minutes, exclusive of bonus material.
  • Genre: Drama, Comedy
  • Suggested Rating: 13+
  • Country of Origin: South Korea
  • Year of Release: 2007
  • Audio: Korean (Dolby Digital 5.1)
  • Subtitles: On/off English subs and on-screen translations
  • Video: 1.85:1 Anamorphic widescreen, Color
  • Suggested Retail: $29.99
  • Photos & Trailer


Press Release (pdf)

A Comedic Drama From Director LEE Joon-ik (BLADES OF BLOOD, THE KING AND THE CLOWN)

The members of Active Volcano once burned with a passion for the rock'n'roll life, but with graduation and the responsibilities of adulthood, the college bandmates eventually drifted apart...

Now in their forties, none of their lives have gone according to plan. Lead guitarist Ki-young (JUNG Jin-young, The King and the Clown) receives an allowance from his wife and attitude from his teenage daughter. Underemployed bass guitarist Sung-wook (KIM Yun-seok, The Thieves) works day and night to finance his overachieving wife's academic goals for their two young sons. And drummer Hyuk-soo (KIM Sang-ho, Moss) owns a used car dealership to provide for his wife and children, who have relocated to Canada - without him.

The three friends reconnect at the memorial service for their lead singer, Sang-woo. Ki-young takes Sang-woo's death hard, and it sparks his determination to reunite the band. With Sang-woo's son (JANG Keun-suk, You're Beautiful TV) stepping into his father's role as vocalist, can the members of Active Volcano take the stage once again?

Includes the feature film and more than 90 minutes of video extras, all with on/off English subtitles


The Birth of Active Volcano: Pre-Production, The Making of The Happy Life, cast discussion, The Music of The Happy Life, behind the scenes at the rock festival, premiere event and concert, poster shoot, original South Korean trailers, cast and crew bios and liner notes, plus 5 Points Pictures trailers.


  • 2007 Blue Dragon Film Awards
    • Best Supporting Actor: Kim Sang-ho
    • Best Music: Lee Byung-hoon
  • 2008 PaekSang Arts Awards
    • Best New Actor: Jang Keun-suk
  • 2007 Korean Film Awards
    • Best Music: Bang Joon-suk
  • 2008 Daejong Film Awards
    • Nominee, Best Film
    • Nominee, Best Director: Lee Joon-ik
    • Nominee, Best New Actor: Jang Keun-suk
    • Nominee, Best Production
    • Nominee, Best Editing
    • Nominee, Best Music
    • Nominee, Best Sound Effects


  • 2008 Udine Far East Film Festival
  • 2008 Jecheon International Music & Film Festival
  • 2011 University of Southern California Korean Film Festival
  • 2012 London Korean Film Nights

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