Tazza: The High Rollers

Tazza: The High Rollers

  • Original Title: Tajja, 타짜œ, The War of Flowers
  • DVD (Region 1)
  • Street Date: 9/18/2012
  • Feature Runtime: 140 minutes, exclusive of bonus material.
  • Genre: Drama, Crime, Thriller, Action
  • Suggested Rating: 17+
  • Country of Origin: South Korea
  • Year of Production: 2006
  • Audio: Korean (Dolby Digital 5.1)
  • Subtitles: On/off English subtitles and English on-screen translations
  • Video: 2.35:1 Anamorphic widescreen, Color
  • Suggested Retail: $29.99
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About Tazza: The High Rollers

Press Release (pdf)

From the Director of The Thieves and The Big Swindle!

After losing his entire savings in an illegal, backroom card game, Goni (CHO Seung-woo, The Sword With No Name) discovers it was all a set up - he was swindled by professional gamblers. Enraged and desperate, he sets out to get his money back by any means necessary.

Impressed by the young man's determination, veteran gambler Mr. Pyeong (BAEK Yoon-sik, The Taste of Money) takes Goni on as his apprentice and teaches him all there is to know about hwatu, a card game also known as "The War of Flowers."

Now Goni is ready to make his debut in an underworld where the stakes are high and the rules are few: To win, you must be ruthless. The hand must be quicker than the eye. No game is safe. And there are no friends for life, just as there are no enemies for life.

Includes the feature film - plus almost 2 hours and 50 minutes of video extras - all with on/off English subtitles!


Tazza: Comic vs. Movie, Adaptation of the Comic, The Making of Tazza: The High Rollers, staff and cast interviews, character discussion by the cast and crew, documentary about action sequences, Hwatu Explained, deleted and alternate scenes (with on/off director commentary), promotional footage, plus 5 Points Pictures trailers.


  • 2007 Baeksang Arts Awards
    • Grand Prize (Daesang): Choi Dong-hoon
    • Best Director: Choi Dong-hoon
  • 2006 Blue Dragon Awards
    • Best Actress: Kim Hye-soo
  • 2006 Chunsa Film Art Awards
    • Best Actress: Kim Hye-soo
  • 2007 Korea Visual Arts Festival
    • Best Actress: Kim Hye-soo
  • 2007 Daejong (Grand Bell) Film Awards
    • Best Supporting Actor: Kim Yun-seok
  • 2007 Newport Beach Film Festival
    • Jury Award - Best Feature
    • Best Director: Choi Dong-hoon
    • Jury Award - Best Actor: Cho Seung-woo
    • Jury Award - Best Actress: Kim Hye-soo
  • 2007 Philadelphia Film Festival
    • Jury Prize - Best Feature Film


  • 2007 Baeksang Arts Awards
  • 2007 Asian Film Festival of Dallas
  • 2007 Fantasia International Film Festival
  • 2007 Hawaii International Film Festival
  • 2007 Hong Kong International Film Festival
  • 2007 Korean Film Festival DC
  • 2007 New York Korean Film Festival
  • 2007 San Diego Asian Film Festival - Dramatic Narrative Features
  • 2007 40th Sitges Film Festival
  • 2007 Udine Far East Film Festival - Competition

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