Finding Mr. Destiny

Finding Mr. Destiny

  • Original Title: Finding Kim Jong-wook, 김종욱 찾기
  • Format: DVD (Region 1)
  • Street Date: 7/17/2012
  • Feature Runtime: 112 minutes, exclusive of bonus material.
  • Genre: Romance, Comedy
  • Suggested Rating: 13+
  • Country of Origin: South Korea
  • Year of Production: 2010
  • Audio: Korean (Dolby Digital 5.1)
  • Subtitles: On/off English subtitles and English on-screen translations
  • Video: 2.35:1 Anamorphic widescreen, Color
  • Suggested Retail: $24.99
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About Finding Mr. Destiny

Press Release (pdf)

Looking for your long-lost first love? Call the First Love Agency!

He's fussy, organized, and honest to a fault. When Gi-joon (GONG Yoo, Coffee Prince) is fired from his job, he opens the First Love Agency, a one-man organization dedicated to helping others find their long-lost first loves.

She's independent and feisty. Stage director Ji-woo (LIM Soo-jung, I'm a Cyborg, But That's OK) is dragged to the First Love Agency by her father, who is convinced she won't get married because she isn't over the handsome stranger she met during a long-ago vacation in India.

With a name and the dates of her trip as their only clues, can Gi-joon and Ji-woo work together to find her first love? Or will they discover that destiny has some surprises in store for them?

Includes the feature film and more than 30 minutes of video extras - all with on/off English subtitles!


"The Making of Finding Mr. Destiny," production video, poster shoot video, "A Second First Love" music video with Gong Yoo, TV commercial, original South Korean trailer, cast and staff bios, Q&A with Director Chang You-jeong, cultural and production notes, and 5 Points Pictures trailers.


2011 Jeonju International Film Festival - Cinemafest: Outdoor Screening

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